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selenium/  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
m4/  174  10 years  siliconforks   Provide better character encoding support.
tests/  479  9 years  siliconforks   Fix test.
js/  470  9 years  siliconforks   Remove obsolete cast to uint16.
scriptaculous-js-1.8.2/  409  10 years  siliconforks   Update scriptaculous unittest.js to 1.8.2.
doc/  474  9 years  siliconforks   Add type="button" to button element, or else it acts as though it were a submit …
jscoverage.1  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
config.rpath  174  10 years  siliconforks   Provide better character encoding support.
http-host.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.css  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.manifest  361  10 years  siliconforks   Add --mozilla option, and make SpiderMonkey use the same build directory for all…
http-server.c  476  9 years  siliconforks   Don't use SO_REUSEADDR on Windows.
generate-resources.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
util.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
configure.ac  463  9 years  siliconforks   Fix under Windows.
http-server.h  478  9 years  siliconforks   Comply with RFC 2396 5.1.2: do not send a full URI to origin server. (Fixes bug…
COPYING  2  11 years  siliconforks   Initial import.
report.js  317  10 years  siliconforks   Don't output \v - IE doesn't support it.
highlight.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
make-dist.sh.in  407  10 years  siliconforks   Remove reference to ltmain.sh (created by libtoolize, which is no longer used). …
highlight.cpp  477  9 years  siliconforks   Exit gracefully (do not call "abort") when encountering unknown token.
jscoverage-overlay.js  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-message.c  438  10 years  siliconforks   Allow HTTP header with empty value.
jscoverage.html  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument.c  444  9 years  siliconforks   Check whether each .js file in the source directory is already instrumented.
Makefile.am  463  9 years  siliconforks   Fix under Windows.
resource-manager.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
README  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.js  447  9 years  siliconforks   Fix bug handling URLs with spaces.
resource-manager.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage-server.c  480  9 years  siliconforks   Fix --no-instrument option for proxy.
jscoverage.jsm  453  9 years  siliconforks   Use 'xpcom-shutdown' instead of 'quit-application'.
jscoverage-throbber.gif  57  11 years  siliconforks   Remove svn:executable property.
instrument-js.h  444  9 years  siliconforks   Check whether each .js file in the source directory is already instrumented.
jscoverage.xul  439  10 years  siliconforks   Make Mozilla platform application store coverage on exit.
make-bin-dist.sh.in  408  10 years  siliconforks   Add jscoverage-server.exe.
scriptaculous-data.html  2  11 years  siliconforks   Initial import.
http-connection.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.c  454  9 years  siliconforks   Remove commented-out code.
jscoverage-ie.css  421  10 years  siliconforks   Set sensible default heights (IE 8 doesn't call resize handler).
scriptaculous.js  433  10 years  siliconforks   Group contiguous lines in the "Missing" column.
jscoverage-server.1  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
make-maintainer-clean.sh  47  11 years  siliconforks   Remove doc/instrumented-inverted and doc/instrumented-jsunit.
jscoverage-highlight.css  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
encoding.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
stream.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-url.c  456  9 years  siliconforks   Allow more characters in URL.
jscoverage-server-help.txt  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
bootstrap.sh  399  10 years  siliconforks   Use SpiderMonkey from Firefox 3.1b2.
stream.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
encoding.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument-js.cpp  481  9 years  siliconforks   Instrument "const" keyword correctly.
util.c  450  9 years  siliconforks   Allow make_path to work with zero-length arguments.
scriptaculous.html  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
scriptaculous.sh  409  10 years  siliconforks   Update scriptaculous unittest.js to 1.8.2.
TIMESTAMP  416  10 years  siliconforks   Update timestamp.
jscoverage-help.txt  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
global.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-exchange.c  478  9 years  siliconforks   Comply with RFC 2396 5.1.2: do not send a full URI to origin server. (Fixes bug…


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