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selenium/  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
m4/  174  11 years  siliconforks   Provide better character encoding support.
tests/  482  10 years  siliconforks   Add tests.
js/  470  10 years  siliconforks   Remove obsolete cast to uint16.
scriptaculous-js-1.8.2/  409  10 years  siliconforks   Update scriptaculous unittest.js to 1.8.2.
doc/  474  10 years  siliconforks   Add type="button" to button element, or else it acts as though it were a submit …
jscoverage.1  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
config.rpath  174  11 years  siliconforks   Provide better character encoding support.
http-host.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.css  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.manifest  361  10 years  siliconforks   Add --mozilla option, and make SpiderMonkey use the same build directory for all…
http-server.c  476  10 years  siliconforks   Don't use SO_REUSEADDR on Windows.
generate-resources.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
util.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
configure.ac  463  10 years  siliconforks   Fix under Windows.
http-server.h  478  10 years  siliconforks   Comply with RFC 2396 5.1.2: do not send a full URI to origin server. (Fixes bug…
COPYING  2  12 years  siliconforks   Initial import.
report.js  317  11 years  siliconforks   Don't output \v - IE doesn't support it.
highlight.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
make-dist.sh.in  407  10 years  siliconforks   Remove reference to ltmain.sh (created by libtoolize, which is no longer used). …
highlight.cpp  477  10 years  siliconforks   Exit gracefully (do not call "abort") when encountering unknown token.
jscoverage-overlay.js  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-message.c  438  10 years  siliconforks   Allow HTTP header with empty value.
jscoverage.html  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument.c  444  10 years  siliconforks   Check whether each .js file in the source directory is already instrumented.
Makefile.am  463  10 years  siliconforks   Fix under Windows.
resource-manager.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
README  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.js  447  10 years  siliconforks   Fix bug handling URLs with spaces.
resource-manager.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage-server.c  480  10 years  siliconforks   Fix --no-instrument option for proxy.
jscoverage.jsm  453  10 years  siliconforks   Use 'xpcom-shutdown' instead of 'quit-application'.
jscoverage-throbber.gif  57  12 years  siliconforks   Remove svn:executable property.
instrument-js.h  444  10 years  siliconforks   Check whether each .js file in the source directory is already instrumented.
jscoverage.xul  439  10 years  siliconforks   Make Mozilla platform application store coverage on exit.
make-bin-dist.sh.in  408  10 years  siliconforks   Add jscoverage-server.exe.
scriptaculous-data.html  2  12 years  siliconforks   Initial import.
http-connection.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
jscoverage.c  454  10 years  siliconforks   Remove commented-out code.
jscoverage-ie.css  421  10 years  siliconforks   Set sensible default heights (IE 8 doesn't call resize handler).
scriptaculous.js  433  10 years  siliconforks   Group contiguous lines in the "Missing" column.
jscoverage-server.1  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
make-maintainer-clean.sh  47  12 years  siliconforks   Remove doc/instrumented-inverted and doc/instrumented-jsunit.
jscoverage-highlight.css  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
encoding.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
stream.c  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-url.c  456  10 years  siliconforks   Allow more characters in URL.
jscoverage-server-help.txt  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
bootstrap.sh  399  10 years  siliconforks   Use SpiderMonkey from Firefox 3.1b2.
stream.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
encoding.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
instrument-js.cpp  481  10 years  siliconforks   Instrument "const" keyword correctly.
util.c  450  10 years  siliconforks   Allow make_path to work with zero-length arguments.
scriptaculous.html  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
scriptaculous.sh  409  10 years  siliconforks   Update scriptaculous unittest.js to 1.8.2.
TIMESTAMP  416  10 years  siliconforks   Update timestamp.
jscoverage-help.txt  386  10 years  siliconforks   Document the --js-version option.
global.h  427  10 years  siliconforks   Update Copyright year.
http-exchange.c  478  10 years  siliconforks   Comply with RFC 2396 5.1.2: do not send a full URI to origin server. (Fixes bug…


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