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Sun Aug 19 04:45:14 2007 UTC (14 years, 10 months ago) by siliconforks
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Add jsunit example.

1 this file is required due to differences in behavior between Mozilla/Opera
2 and Internet Explorer.
4 main-data.html calls kickOffTests() which calls top.testManager.start()
5 in the top most frame. top.testManager.start() initializes the output
6 frames using document.write and HTML containing a relative <link> to the
7 jsUnitStyle.css file. In MSIE, the base href used to find the CSS file is
8 that of the top level frame however in Mozilla/Opera the base href is
9 that of main-data.html. This leads to not-found for the jsUnitStyle.css
10 in Mozilla/Opera. Creating app/css/jsUnitStyle.css works around this problem.

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