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135        to get a coverage report.        to get a coverage report.
136        </p>        </p>
138          <h3 id="ie-proxy">Does Internet Explorer work with <code>jscoverage-server --proxy</code>?</h3>
140          <p>
141          Internet Explorer <a href="http://www.fiddler2.com/fiddler/help/hookup.asp#Q-LocalTraffic">does
142          not use a proxy for URLs with host <code></code> or
143          <code>localhost</code></a>.
144          The proxy <em>will</em> be used if you use your machine's actual IP
145          address or host name.
146          For example, if your IP address is <code></code>, you can
147          access a URL like <code></code> in
148          Internet Explorer and it will work.
149          (Under Windows, you can get your machine's IP address with the <code>ipconfig</code> command.)
150          </p>
151        </div>        </div>
152      </div>      </div>
153      <div id="jscoverage-sidebar" class="yui-b">      <div id="jscoverage-sidebar" class="yui-b">

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