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12      <div id="yui-main">      <div id="yui-main">
13        <div id="jscoverage-main" class="yui-b">        <div id="jscoverage-main" class="yui-b">
14          <p>          <p>
15          JSCoverage is a tool that generates code coverage statistics for          JSCoverage is a tool that measures code coverage for
16          JavaScript.  This information is useful for designing tests that          JavaScript programs.
17          exercise all parts of a JavaScript program.          </p>
18            <p>
19            <dfn>Code coverage</dfn> statistics show which lines of a program have
20            been executed (and which have been missed).  This information is useful
21            for constructing comprehensive test suites (for which it is often called
22            <dfn>test coverage</dfn>).
23          </p>          </p>
24          <p>          <p>
25          JSCoverage works by instrumenting the JavaScript code used in web          JSCoverage works by instrumenting the JavaScript code used in web
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54    <div id="ft">    <div id="ft">
55      <address>      <address>
56        Copyright &copy; 2007 siliconforks.com<br>        Copyright &copy; 2007 siliconforks.com<br>
57        Last updated August 26, 2007<br>        Last updated September 4, 2007<br>
58        <a href="mailto:jscoverage@siliconforks.com">jscoverage@siliconforks.com</a>        <a href="mailto:jscoverage@siliconforks.com">jscoverage@siliconforks.com</a>
59      </address>      </address>
60    </div>      </div>  

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