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279  report" button to launch the JSCoverage report.  report" button to launch the JSCoverage report.
280  </p>  </p>
282    <h2>Command line options</h2>
284    <p>
285    The <code>jscoverage</code> program accepts the following options:
286    </p>
288    <dl>
289    <dt><code>-h</code>, <code>--help</code>
290    <dd>Display a brief help message.
291    <dt><code>-V</code>, <code>--version</code>
292    <dd>Display the version of the program.
293    <dt><code>-v</code>, <code>--verbose</code>
294    <dd>Explain what is being done.
295    <dt><code>--exclude=<var>PATH</var></code>
296    <dd>The command
297    <pre>
298    jscoverage --exclude=<var>PATH</var> <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var> <var>DESTINATION-DIRECTORY</var>
299    </pre>
300    copies <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var> to <var>DESTINATION-DIRECTORY</var>
301    recursively, but does not copy <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var>/<var>PATH</var>.
302    <var>PATH</var> must be a complete path relative to <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var>
303    <var>PATH</var> can be a file or a directory (in which case the directory and
304    its entire contents are skipped). This option may be given multiple times.
305    <dt><code>--no-instrument=<var>PATH</var></code>
306    <dd>The command
307    <pre>
308    jscoverage --exclude=<var>PATH</var> <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var> <var>DESTINATION-DIRECTORY</var>
309    </pre>
310    copies <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var> to <var>DESTINATION-DIRECTORY</var>
311    recursively, but does not instrument any JavaScript code in
312    <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var>/<var>PATH</var>. <var>PATH</var> must be a complete
313    path relative to <var>SOURCE-DIRECTORY</var> <var>PATH</var> can be a
314    (JavaScript) file or a directory (in which case any JavaScript files located
315    anywhere underneath the directory are not instrumented). This option may be
316    given multiple times.
317    </dl>
319    <h2>Query string options</h2>
321    <p>
322    When accessing <code>jscoverage.html</code> in a web browser, you may provide a
323    query string consisting of options separated by ampersand (<code>&amp;</code>)
324    or semicolon (<code>;</code>). Any option not containing an equals sign
325    (<code>=</code>) is considered to be a URL which will be loaded in the "Browser"
326    tab.
327    </p>
329    <dl>
330    <dt><code>u=<var>URL</var></code>, <code>url=<var>URL</var></code>
331    <dd>Load <var>URL</var> in the "Browser" tab.  (This is the same as specifying
332    an option without an equals sign.)
333    <dt><code>m=<var>BOOLEAN</var></code>, <code>missing=<var>BOOLEAN</var></code>
334    <dd>Determines whether to initially display the "Missing" column in the "Summary"
335    tab.  <var>BOOLEAN</var> can be
336    <code>true</code>, <code>t</code>, <code>yes</code>, <code>y</code> <code>on</code>, <code>1</code>
337    (to display the "Missing" column), or
338    <code>false</code>, <code>f</code>, <code>no</code>, <code>n</code>, <code>off</code>, <code>0</code>
339    (to hide the "Missing" column)
340    (By default, the "Missing" column is not displayed.)
341    </dl>
343  <h2>Caveats</h2>  <h2>Caveats</h2>
345  <ul>  <ul>

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