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19          JSCoverage 0.5 is available for <a href="http://siliconforks.com/jscoverage/download.html">download</a>.          JSCoverage 0.5 is available for <a href="http://siliconforks.com/jscoverage/download.html">download</a>.
20          </p>          </p>
21          <p>          <p>
22          This release contains an assortment of new features and bug fixes:          This release contains a number of new features and bug fixes:
23          </p>          </p>
24          <ul class="list">          <ul class="list">
25          <li>          <li>
# Line 37  Line 37 
37          Liu Cougar).          Liu Cougar).
38          </li>          </li>
39          <li>          <li>
40          Fixed a bug which resulted in an empty "Source" tab when code being          The "Source" tab is no longer empty when code being tested throws an
41          tested threw an uncaught exception          uncaught exception
42          (<a href="http://siliconforks.com/jscoverage/bugs/5">bug #5</a>).          (fixing <a href="http://siliconforks.com/jscoverage/bugs/5">bug #5</a>)
43            </li>
44            <li>
45            Previously, certain uses of the <code>new</code> operator were
46            instrumented incorrectly; this has now been fixed
47            (thanks to Guillaume Lung).
48            </li>
49            <li>
50            The <code>jscoverage-server</code> program now allows more characters in
51            URLs (thanks to Guillaume Lung).
52            </li>
53            <li>
54            The <code>jscoverage-server</code> program now handles HTTP headers with
55            empty values (thanks to Velo).
56            </li>
57            <li>
58            The <code>jscoverage</code> program now refuses to instrument code which
59            has already been instrumented (thanks to Velo).
60            </li>
61            <li>
62            URLs containing spaces now work correctly (thanks to Igor Papkov).
63            </li>
64            <li>
65            Previously, on Windows, the <code>jscoverage</code> program
66            was unable to instrument a directory in a drive root; this has now been
67            fixed.
68            </li>
69            <li>
70            A limitation of 65,535 lines per file and 65,535 characters per line has
71            been removed.
72            </li>
73            <li>
74            Floating-point numbers are how handled with improved precision.
75            </li>
76            <li>
77            The <code>jscoverage-server</code> program can no longer bind to the same port multiple times on Windows.
78            </li>
79            <li>
80            Some bugs in <code>jscoverage-server</code>'s handling of the "chunked"
81            Transfer-Encoding have been fixed.
82          </li>          </li>
83          </ul>          </ul>

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